Churches & Nonprofits

What if there is a way to help your church or nonprofit organization to be more innovative and creative in fulfilling its mission and serving the needs of others?

What if there is a different approach that complements traditional fundraisers?

What if there is a unique way of fundraising to support your current programs or to expand to offer more?

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Meeting the Needs of Others

Churches and nonprofit organizations are passionate about ministry and service to meet the needs of others. The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS) reports over 1.5 million charitable and community-based organizations in the US and 8.3% of US wages are paid via such organizations. By 2010, over 100,000 nonprofit organizations failed within two years of starting. Churches and nonprofit organizations are often faced with many challenges and barriers to achieving their mission.

So, why do they struggle?

  • Need for more creative and innovative approaches to achieving their mission
  • Continued use of traditional fundraising and direct selling programs
  • Inability to plan for the next generation
  • Lack of support, team or partners

Number 1 reason they struggle…lack of funds to support current programs and services or expansion to offer more

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