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Where Do You DreamTrip?

VolunTour: Help Build a Bottle School

Featured VolunTourism Trip

Change the lives of children in Guatemala by teaming up with villagers and volunteers to build an eco-friendly bottle school.
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100th Bottle School Guatemala!
Conscious Travel

SOAR Travel Mentors


Build Community | Inspire Change | Give Back

If you have a passion to serve, a love of travel and a heart for mentoring then I want to talk to you! I have a grand vision to create a group of conscious travelers who become SOAR Travel Mentors.

SOAR Travel Mentors are DreamTrips members who commit to showing teens the value of travel as a means of serving others to build community, inspire change and give back.

SOAR Travel Mentors sponsor a teen (age 16+) on a voluntourism trip once a year to participate in a planned service project.

Note: Participation as  SOAR Travel Mentor requires membership in the DreamTrips travel community.

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Painting classrooms in Mexico

Conscious Travel


The SOAR Travel Ministry blog know as “TravelWise” reflects how travel has impacted my life based on three tenets, building community, inspiring change and giving back. These tenets also align with my life purpose —cultivating change through daily growth and development of people.

I have a strong belief in travel as an essential component in four key areas of life—fellowship and contribution; family and relationships; health and wellness; career and retirement. On the blog I plan to regularly share my experiences and hope you will participate with your own comments.

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Life Transitions

Soaring Above My Fear Part 1


Earlier this summer, I made a decision that I was going to overcome my fear of heights. I am a classic responder to heights, going all the way back to my youth. I can certainly related to Scotty, a main character in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, Vertigo, especially the scene where he’s climbing the steps of the bell tower. That feeling of queasiness, internal trembling and shaking, that feeling of dread when looking down—I know those feelings all to well.

Step Out and SOAR

Correction, I knew those feelings all to well. My trip to Miami was the time I decided that I was ready to kick this fear to the curb. We stayed in a condo on the 12th floor with a balcony. As soon as I set my first foot on the balcony, I felt it coming on, anxiety tingling in my legs, rising up through my legs to secure itself in my gut, causing my heartbeat to drum faster and faster. Looking straight along my horizontal line of sight, I’m fine—it’s the looking down along my vertical line of sight that brought on those Scotty-like symptoms. I literally forced myself to look down and could feel the sensation of vertigo arising within. I stayed outside just long enough to get some pictures. I felt the anxiety slowly intensifying and retreated back inside. The second I set my foot landed on the floor in the apartment, I realized that fear is not my friend. I started praying for the will to step out and redesign my life to soar above my fears, starting with acrophobia. Fear is not my friend.

Life Transitions

Soaring Above My Fear Part 2

Soaring above my fear of heights in Las Vegas—

  • Zip lining from the Rio’s 50-story Masquerade Tower to the Ipanema Tower, 800 feet away, at a speed of about 33 mph, high above the highway
  • Standing on the Mike O’Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge, spanning the Colorado river between Arizona and Nevada, high above the Hoover Dam
  • Walking the Skywalk at Eagle Point, jutting out over the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, looking down and seeing through the glass platform some 4,000 feet above the floor of the Canyon

Lesson learned: Fear is not my friend and overcoming it is exhilarating!

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